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 "Between Shadows"

Eight months after losing her family to people only she can see, and the authorities refuse to search for.  Miranda finds herself deep in the woods where she encounters Jared a vampire sent to kill her.  
Miranda and Jared soon find out that she isn't just any human, but one of the six great family lines, the only  child of the Force of 
Nature, Gage. As Jared and Miranda become closer they discover her immense power and realize she’ll soon be the next leader of their world. 
Unbeknownst to them, two of the other leaders Emina and Mical are plotting against Gage to get his power. They are willing to do anything to get it, including kidnapping and killing Miranda. A war ensues family against family, traitors emerge, but in the end who will die and who  will be left standing?

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I just posted a teasers of my
latest projects titled

"Ghost of the UNKNOWN"


"Green's Demons"

More to come soon!

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